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Singlehood: About Halloween Night!

Column Singlehood - Banner3 years ago, on October 31st I became single, after a 9-month toxic relationship. You know about that if you read my previous columns. Zozo and I decided to go out and dress up a bit on Halloween. She went as a Playboy Bunny and I went as Minnie Mouse. We found a party to go to in a latin bar and decided to have fun.

I didn’t know if being single that day was a curse or a blessing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be single as I’m not confronted to a stupid man I’m killing my time with. But, on the other hand, I obviously miss dating a guy.

For some reason, that night we met a bunch of guys, and we were okay with that, as we like to observe people. HAHA! First off, we started the night at a bar we didn’t know. As we were dressed up, we got free shots. That was pretty cool and the bartender did look cute (even though it is hard to tell as he had the joker makeup all over his face, so maybe he could have been an ugly beast, once make up removed!). The party there wasn’t our jam, the people were much older, and we kind off got stalked by some drunken dude. We decided to move to that Halloween party in Cuba Bella, our local latin club across the street.

We were dancing in the middle of the dancefloor, all by ourselves, without being interrupted by anyone, until Zozo got to talk to a guy who wanted to dance with her. She had met hem previously and promised to dance with him “next time”, and I guess “next time” was this time. His friend asked me to dance, and I couldn’t say no because Zozo was dancing and it would be awkward if I said no. Even though the guy wasn’t my thing, and he was walking around in a tank top; yes, a freaking TANK TOP! Oh my lord, please! Once we started to dance, I really felt bad, I didn’t feel comfortable with him. It really annoyed me. Because, let’s face it, Mr. Tank Top wasn’t the ideal dance partner. This song couldn’t come to an end, and I was fully ignoring the guy I was dancing with. Awkward level 1555! Finally! We were done! ‘Come Zozo, let’s see what the other side of the bar has to offer.’ And off we went!

We sat in front of the bar were Italian tourists were standing too. For some reason, there was a tiny, chubby, blond Italian guy who thought I was pretty with my Minnie Mouse ears. So unfortunate I don’t fall for tiny, chubby and blond Italian men. So, I crossed him off my list. His friend had a thing for Zozo and asked us if we wanted to drink something, but we didn’t want to. To joke I told him the guy I was chitchatting with wanted to drink, and the Italian guy started to laugh and disappeared. 5 minutes later he came back with beer so, I said to the guy: “You should thank me for the drink, ’cause it’s because of me you got it!” We started to laugh, Zozo joined, his friends joined and we started to have a ‘group’ conversation.

I was totally not paying attention to his friend and I was totally not that friendly with him but for some reason, that guy told Zozo we had a connection! Exceezemewhat? A CONNECTION? WHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHA! The best laugh I ever had. Let’s call him Mr. Rico, because that is the name he gave Zozo. Apparently Mr. Rico had a thing for me. I did not. He told me he was half Algerian, half Portuguese, after I told him I had Algerian roots. What a coincident, don’t you think? He did not speak Portuguese and he had a very Moroccan last name. Another coincident is that when I told him I live in Boho, he apparently lives in the most famous streets of Boho.

That’s why I don’t trust men that much anymore. Too many coincidences at once. He asked for my Facebook, I did not give him. He asked me how he could find me, I told him he would if it was meant to be. At this point, one month later, he still ain’t find me on that damned platform. It’s better like that. But Zozo, gave her number to his friend, which ended being a total disaster…

Each month I am going to tell you a piece of my singlehood story and my last relationship, that will lead us to where I am today. If you are interested in knowing more, stay tuned on my blog, because I will be posting an article each month to tell you more about it. I will not divulge any real names in it, if one day I use a name, I will make sure to change the name to another one, except if that person is okay with being named. 

Until Next Time, 

Love | Sarah K.

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Duo Taste Test: MoMade Cupcakes

Duo Taste Test MoMade Cupcakes Duo Taste Test: a concept my friend Zoë and I put together. From now on we will be tasting and testing places in Antwerp (and elsewhere) and make sure we provide you an accurate review of the place we’ve been to. Why Duo Taste Test? Because how boring can a Solo Taste Test be? It’s more fun with a friend! This concept is not so good for my diet but oh so good for my taste buds! Let’s get right into the first place we’ve tested: MoMade Cupcakes. 

Duo Taste Test: een concept die ik heb ontwikkeld met Zoë, een van mijn vriendinnen. Vanaf nu gaan we hotspotten door Antwerpen (en soms ook ergens anders) en er voor zorgen dat we jullie een leuke review kunnen voorschotelen. Waarom Duo Taste Test? Want hoe saai kan een Solo Taste Test zijn? Juist ja, het is leuker om dit onder vrienden te doen, toch? Dit concept is niet mijn dieet’s beste vriend, maar toch oh zo lekker voor mijn smaakpapilles. Het is ook het eerste cocept die ik in het Nederlands zal schrijven (of toch proberen schrijven). Laten we alvast beginnen bij: MoMade Cupcakes MoMade Cupcakes I

From the inside of the shop – binnenin de winkel

A cupcake (deuh!) store in Antwerp. This place has been in the city for ages. For some reason, I had never tried a cupcake from a cupcake store before. (SHOCK!) I made cupcakes myself, I even made cupcakes with Zoë, but I have never bought one myself.

MoMade is een cupcake shop (deuh!) in Antwerpen. Het bestaat al een tijdje maar voor de een of andere reden ben ik er nooit een cupcake komen proeven. Ik ben eigenlijk nooit in een cupcake shop geweest! (SHOCKING!) Ik heb al eens cupcakes gemaakt, zelfs met Zoë, maar nooit ben ik er gaan kopen, dus het was een eerste keer voor mij!

MoMade Cupcakes III

So, when Zoë and I decide to start the Duo Taste Test, I was excited to test a cupcake store first! I surfed to the website of the store and made a list of all the cupcakes I wanted to try (Believe me, it was a long list) and on a beautiful sunny afternoon, after college, we walked to the MoMade Cupcakes Store.

Dus, toen Zoë en ik besloten met de Duo Taste Test te beginnen, was ik zo benieuwd naar cupcakes van een echte cupcake shop dat ik voorstelde om eerst MoMade Cupcakes uit te proberen. Ik surfte naar de website en maakte een lijst van alle cupcakes die ik wou proefen (en geloof me, het waren er veel!). En op een zonnige namiddag, gingen wij na de les even langs MoMade Cupcakes.


You’ve got 3 options for the cupcakes: normal, medium and mini, but who even think about getting a mini cupcake??? I’m not that kind of girl, so I went straight into normal sized cupcakes (which are pretty big). Hell yeah!

Er zijn 3 opties qua maten: standaard, medium en mini, maar wie denkt er zelfs aan om een mini cupcake te eten??? Als je me kent, weet je dat ik niet that kind of girl. Ik ben gewoon onmiddelijk voor de standaard cupcakes (die overigens vrij groot zijn) gegaan, deuh!

MoMade Cupcakes II

The first cupcake I got was the Walnut-Mocha. That thing is Tha Bomb Diggity!

De eerste cupcake was een Walnut-Mocha. Dit is gewoon Tha Bomb Diggity lekker!

MoMade Cupcakes IIII

I went for seconds and got the Carrot cupcake. Tha Bomb Diggity as well!

De tweede cupcake was de Carrot cupcake. Ook Tha Bomb Diggity lekker!


The girl at the store was a friendly and helpful girl, nothing specific to say about that.

Het meisje dat in de winkel werkt was een vriendelijke en helpzame persoon, niets specifieks te verklaren. 


The shop is pretty small. We had a hard time getting through after some other costumers had entered the shop.

De winkel zelfs is vrij klein. Het heeft ons even gekost om de winkel te verlaten nadat er andere klanten waren binnen gekomen. 

Conclusion // More Information: 

I fell in love with the cupcakes and this cute little store. all cupcakes are sold in the store or on the website. The normal size is €2,85; medium: €2,00 and mini: €1,40.

Ik ben gewoon verliefd geworden op deze cupcakes en dit winkeltje. Alle cupcakes kunnen gekocht worden in de winkel zelf of op de website. De standaard cupcakes zijn €2,85; medium: €2,00 en mini: €1,40.

Zoë’s Review


MoMade Cupcakes
Reyndersstraat 37
2000 Antwerpen

Tel. +32 3 233 33 23
Open: 10:00 tot 18:30 (maandag/Monday gesloten/closed)


Vlog 3: My 24th Birthday w/ Zoë Fellows & Ines Leroy

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o //

Hi, guys! Welcome to another vlog! I celebrated my birthday with my besties Zoë and Ines. We had dinner at Verona and cocktails at Absinthbar/Appelmans, Bar 11 and danced it all off in Cuba Bella. I got a book by Stephanie Duval (How Blogs Work) as a birthday present! Hope you enjoy this video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel!

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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Funfetti Cupcakes w/ Zoë Fellows & Ines Leroy

Funfetti Cupcakes I

Ines Leroy & Zoë Fellows

This summer, Zoë, Ines and I decided to make the Funfetti Cupcakes which Zoella had uploaded on her YouTube channel. This was a nice activity to make amongst friends during a warm summer Friday night. And I took some pictures to show you.

Funfetti Cupcakes II

Funfetti Cupcakes III

We used a premixed bag for cupcakes and added butter, milk and eggs. The mix we used is called Hema Cupcake Mix and is from… well, HEMA.

Funfetti Cupcakes IIII

This was the result: perfect cupcakes, cooling before being frosted.

Funfetti Cupcakes V

Happy and satisfied (food)bloggers!

Funfetti Cupcakes VI

Some cupcakes didn’t fit into the muffin molds so we had to bake them separately and this is the result: expanded cupcakes to the rescue! Eastern Season in Cupcake World! LOL

Funfetti Cupcakes VII

And with the frosting! The frosting was liquidy, but we know why. We used liquid butter (from a bottle) instead of classic butter. The frosting had that melted effect you get when you try to make frosting out of melted ingredients. The cupcakes were delicious, though, and looked pretty cute!

Funfetti Cupcakes VIII

We took our first polaroid selfie with Zoë’s polaroid camera, and I had to take a picture of this selfie to be sure it gets never lost.

Funfetti Cupcakes VIIII

Obviously, after putting some effort in making these cupcakes, I had to try the cupcakes. I decided to eat the expanded one. 🙂 They were delicious! We baked them a little longer than the packaging advised and were moist as f—! BIG WIN!

If you’re curious in knowing more about these girls here, check their blogs out: Zoë’s Blog, Ines’ Blog, and check Zoella’s YT channel for the exact recipe if you’d like to make them yourself. We obviously did not follow the recipe 100%, we followed the packaging instructions and used ingredients we found in the supermarket rather than all the ingredients Zoella used.

Don’t forget to comment down below and visit, follow, subscribe, like and share these social media: Facebook, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter.

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah


Vlog 1: Salsa Bocadero, Antwerp

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o //

Hi, guys! Welcome to my very first vlog!! Hope you enjoy this video! To recap: I went to Beauty & Glamour by Inga, which is my favorite beauty salon, and next I went to the last edition of Salsa Bocadero in Antwerp. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel to support my channel!

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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Antwerp Hotspot: Chickpea Eat-Drink-Enjoy

Chickpea, Antwerp Text

Last week, I had a heavy day with two exams, so I decided to have lunch with my dear friend Zoë. I found out the day before, on Instagram that there was a nice hummus place not so far from our campus, so we had lunch at that place, called: Chickpea.

Basically, it’s a cosy Mediterranean/Israeli restaurant with as a specialty: hummus, because the owner is Israeli and Israel without hummus is like Belgium without fries. No single North African soul can live without its chickpeas, so you can guess, one of my favorite dishes is Hummus. So, I tried!

Chickpea, Antwerp III

Here is a sneak peak of the menu. I chose the homemade lemonade and the Open Sesame which is hummus with tahini in the middle. You can get everything to take out or just eat in, it is very cosy in front of the window or on a little table on the street. The concept of this place is: Fresh and Organic.

Chickpea, Antwerp II

We first got some pita bread with za’atar spices in olive oil, as a dip. Very attentive! (y)

Chickpea, Antwerp IIII

Next to organic Mediterranean food and homemade lemonade, you can get homemade iced tea, juices and coffee. This is not a vegan nor vegetarian restaurant, but there are vegan/vegetarian options on the menu.

Chickpea, Antwerp V

Yummie! The hummus was delicious, especially with the hot sauce with coriander, that I love. You automatically get a small side dish with any hummus dish you order. The standard side dish is the Israeli salad called: the all time classic. (btw, how cute are the names?) If you think it’s not enough, there are plenty of side dishes on the menu you can get in small or big a portion.

Chickpea, Antwerp VI

God Damn, you hummus! You were so good!

If you are in Antwerp and looking for a nice hummus place with a friendly service, make sure to visit Chickpea. Zoë wrote a review on her blog as well, so make sure to read it: Zoë’s post

Address: Oudaan 4, 2000 Antwerpen
Number: 0475 60 49 49
Website; Facebook

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.


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The Whisper Challenge & The This or That Tag ft. Zoë Fellows

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o //

Hi, guys! I did the Whisper Challenge with Zoë Fellows! We speak Dutch and English through the video (we call it Dunglish). Therefore, make sure to activate the subtitles. Zoë uploaded a video we did together on her channel: The This or That Tag (scroll down to see the video). Make sure to watch, comment and like it:
Zoë’s YT:
Zoë’s blog:
Hope you enjoy this video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and Zoë’s!

Love | Sarah K.


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Plog: Zoë’s Birthday

Hi, my loves! July 18th was Zoë’s birthday and I’d like to share some pictures of this day with you!

Birthday Zoë II


Basically, Zoë organized a High Tea for her special day and this was on the menu: mini sandwiches, macarons, and sweet petit fours.

Birthday Zoë III

This was my first time trying scones with Clotted Cream and I loved it! Her aunt made a delicious Tarte Tatin, but a whole lot of caramel, can’t go wrong with that! 😉



Birthday Zoë IIII

Me and my girls enjoying some tea, obviously, it’s a High Tea! On the left side, you see the Tarte Tatin and on the right side, it’s a Banoffee Pie her mom made.
Birthday Zoë V

Birthday girl Zoë, Ines and I

Birthday Zoë I

This brownie cake!!! 😮 It was so good, you cannot even imagine! The amount of chocolate was overwhelming! The cake was by a small company based in Antwerp, called: Bambi’s Mom and The Cooking Factory.

Birthday Zoë VI

A girls’ only birthday cannot be done without a proper visit to the movie theater with some Magic Mike XXL going on. From left to right: Toni, Ines and I + Zoë in front.

Birthday Zoë VII

After Magic Mike XXL, we went to Zomerfabriek, which is an open air club with a sort of garage as a dance floor, a lounge with access to the outside kinda-thing, Urban music and these weird cups to sip from.

Birthday Zoë VIII

That trio, though!  Ines, Zoë, Me

Birthday Zoë VIIII

Group selfie totally ruined, ’cause there is always someone who isn’t joining to gotta-pose-thingy!

I hope you enjoyed this plog and I would like you to visit my dear friends’ blogs too:



Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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