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Singlehood, Part II: I’m over Mister Small Penis!

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Last week in Singlehood Part I: Damn it! It just got to me, he was one hell of an asshole and thinking about it made me realize why. I started cyberstalking him, to see what did chance in his life on social media, to see if he had someone else…

I’d gone through his BBM, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Suddenly, I see a girl post things on his wall, a little way too often, with ‘love’ emojis. Even though he stayed cool to all these messages, I knew this was just his way of hiding it. It got in my face like: That small-penised bastard had someone else! I don’t say he ‘cheated on me while we were together’ but to be with me he left his ‘booty call’ so why wouldn’t he leave me to be with this girl, right? I was fierce, I should have known that his leaving-his-bootycall-situation would turn out to be the same situation I’m in. I’m not going to lie, It got me down, but on the other hand, I kind of cyberstalked that girl and I quickly figured out that she has no future with him either. She isn’t religious, not from the same ethnic background and the background she is from, his mother hates the guts out of these people, #Racist. 

All the little things he said once just surfaced up to me. He once told me he was physically into these girls from ‘that ethnic background’. Now, the girl from ‘that ethnic background’ is suddenly pretty active on his Wall. She studies Law at the university, he told me he ‘studied’ law at the university (a lie I will talk about later). They are suddenly at the same parties ALL THE TIME. Come on, how much hints does a girl need to realize he was a sneaky bastard who used her? Oh and by the way, why do people who are overly active on social media with each other, are never on pictures together at these parties they are always at? Do you have something to hide, Mr. Small P.?

Sudden realization: he used me! I was just a past time baby till the next one arrived, but I’m sure she is just a past time baby too, till the next one arrives. It didn’t make me happy, but I thought: hey, I’m not the only one, so go on with your life, girl. That’s what I did. As I told you before, I went out, had too many drinks, great food and suddenly gained much weight. By the time I was completely done with him and wanted to meet new guys, I had gained so much weight that the insecureness got to me. I didn’t want to date any guy, any time soon. 

In the main time, I got my high school degree, went to college and that didn’t work out either. It became a whole mingle of things that gone wrong. I really felt like a piece of shit. I started college in January so I hadn’t had a full academic year. I fully started my first BA in October 2013, I met new people, made new friends and everything started to look like I was going to get a kick in the ass and everything would fall into place. There was a cute boy from abroad in my class and we got along (friendly speaking, bien sûr) but I quickly realized he had a girlfriend, #Bummer.  Okay, he has a girlfriend, so be it. He made me realize or made me make the click that I was 100% over Mister Small Penis. Unfortunately, my big sister died not so long ago, and not wanting to go into details, it didn’t better my situation. As she died very quickly, I decided that #YOLO was the way to go. I promised myself I would say yes to every invitation I got from friends. School was still a misery, I went out almost every single night, I belonged to a group of friends who were younger than I am and it fell good. I went to London with a couple of friends, had a blast all year round. But I forgot that I was single for one year and a half now. Did I care? I think I’ve got into the friend zone with… MYSELF! 



By that time, I had gained ten kilograms since the relationship started, to April 2014. I did realize I was fat but somehow didn’t want to do anything about it. Dating people was not in my vocabulary. A friend told me about Tinder and I made an account, that wasn’t the best experience to be honest. I had a lot of matches but all were more into sex and not into dating, the ones who were into dating were straight dumbs assholes. This app made me insecure even more. I had gained a lot of weight and wasn’t going to show my naked self to any man on planet earth as long as I was looking like I did. College had gone worst, I had failed almost all my classes and couldn’t pass for them all in the resit period. I didn’t gain the required 50% and wasn’t allowed to study at this university anymore and didn’t see that coming. I had to make a choice ASAP and quickly decided I should go for a language teacher’s program. I came home crying after a week in that college, quit, and started Applied Linguistics all over again, in another university. By September 2014, still single. 

Each week I am going to tell you a piece of my singlehood story and last relationship, that will lead us to where I am today. If you are interested in knowing more, stay tuned on my blog because I will be posting an article each week to tell you more about it. I will not divulge any real names in it, if one day I use a name, I will make sure to change the name to another one, except if that person is okay with being named. Obviously, I am not sharing any specific details about my ex or any involved men. We’ll call him Mister Small Penis.

Until Next Time, 

Love | Sarah K.

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Summer Update!

Finals over, diet K.O.

Last time I have written a post I was determinated to go healthy all the way. Unfortunately (read the first article) I went all up and then all down. The first week of the exams was good, I ate normal and healthy and went to the gym four times. I woke up every single day at 6 A.M and studied all day long. First exam arrived and the struggle got real! I knew I was going to fail, the motivation got me down and bad food saw the light of my mouth.

It got me thinking about the future of my studies and had to make a huge decision. I will talk about it later when it is finalized (circa. September/October 2015).

Anyway, I have some time to blog now and opened a YouTube account. I have a shopping haul on its way, a foodlog that I have filmed during the exams, etc. Subscribe to my channel, this way you will be updated when I upload a video.

I am reviewing loads of products, I still need to figure out how to make nice pictures to show you, though. 😉

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.


The benefits of water during the exams (and all times!)

I have been reading a lot of articles these last couple of days, about how I should improve my entire exam period, health wise. I came across an article in a Belgian newspaper about the effects of water on our body/health. As it is in Dutch, some of you will not understand a single word of it, and that is why I am going to recapitulate the entire article for you, because first of all water is quite important in your life AND during the exams, second of all I like to analyse things and try them out for you, for me, for everybody. 
Basically, our body consist of 60 to 70% of water and we sweat, breath and urinate moisture, which we need to compensate with enough of our fluid intake. The amount of water we should drink depends on a couple of factors: how active we are; our health; where we live, and what we drink in a day. 
A study has shown that in a normal situation, the adult human being needs to drink around 2,5 liters of water per day to keep the water balance in place. This includes our food intake. But, in our Western European climate we only need 1,5 liters of water per day.
When I say water, I mean any liquid but when you drink a glass of water versus a glass of Coke, coffee, tea, etc. it will not have the same effect on you. Coffee and tea are slightly diuretic, which results in the need to compensate much more while water is pure hydration/fuel for your body. Alcohol is the most diuretic of them all, so you will need even more water to compensate that. 
Anyways, I think you get it. A well-hydrated body is healthy and has a better connection to your brain because water fuels the body AND the brain. It helps you function much better because when you are dehydrated you are energyless which results little concentration on whatever you do. Furthermore, as I want to lose weight during my finals, what the article mentioned as well is the more you drink, the more it gives your body the opportunity to burn fat, and is this not what we all want? The other option is to drink two glasses of water before any meal. This creates the illusion of being full and results in eating less, and re-results in losing weight = WIN-WIN! 
One last and important point is that the brain shrinks when we work out for at least 90 minutes without hydrating ourselves. This is not what we want, right? We need our brain during the exams, so ladies and gentlemen, drink water whenever you can! 
After knowing this all, we will be able to hydrate ourselves well during the entire period of finals. Now, what am I going to do? I am going to try the two glasses of water before any meal; drink as much water during my workout, and watch my “anything-else-but-water” consumption and compensate it with an extra water intake. 
I decided to vlog the entire period during finals. Hopefully, you will like it, as much as I am excited to film everything. You will be able to follow me on my water intake this way. I am the kind of person who could forget to drink water once in a while because I am next to never thirsty. So, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and get my videos from the moment they are up. 😉 
Until Next Time, 
Love | Sarah K.
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Healthy during exams

Last time I wrote a blog post I was determined to go healthy ALL THE WAY. Unfortunately, I have not tried to be healthy at all. The food that has passed through my mouth is unbelievable! I have not felt this miserable since a long time and I really need to change that, because my exams will start soon and we all know it is not a good idea to feel miserable during that period, and junk food will not fuel my brain, keep me motivated, etc.

I made a schedule for my exams: waking up early, study at least 10h a day, take breaks regularly, go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, etc. The only thing I did not do is a food schedule, which I desperately need. Lots of fruits, veggies, complex carbohydrates, lots of water, tea and coffee. Just before writing this I was watching the news and a nutritionist was talking about complex carbs, that they pass through the digestive system, they are broken down into glucose and they are your brain and body’s primary fuel. Vitamins, fiber, and minerals are what I need to pass through exams. 
This morning I ate something with simple carbs and a café au lait (with skimmed milk), it is okay, as long as I do not exaggerate. I finished half the stuff I had to do for today, which I am happy about. At lunch, I had two slices of spelt bread with shrimps and a little touch of cream (I know it is not good!), but overall everything so far so good. 

My goal is to lose 7 kilos by July 1st, 2015, 1 kilo per week is doable. It should not be difficult to be healthy during the exams, and I want to prove it. Should I blog about it, vlog about? Let me know if you read this. 

Until then, 

Love | Sarah K.

PS: I added a picture of brain foods I need during the exams. 🙂 Enjoy! 

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