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Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked 3

Naked 3 IHi, my loves! And Naked 3 it is! Am I the only one loving the ribbles on the packaging of the Naked 3 palette AND the color of the palette itself? Loving the ribbles, hating the plasticky packaging, though. Naked 3 IINaked 2 III

Okay, I have to be honest with you; I do not have a favorite in this palette and I’m not sure what to think about it. I’m not a fan of the highlight colors available in this palette and I don’t seem to understand what’s so Naked about this palette? I found this palette to be more of a pink palette than a nude palette. At first I was totally obsessed with nudish shimmery pink colors, now I am totally not into it anymore. I appreciate the fact that there are non-shimmery colors: Strange, Limit and Nooner. Nooner might become a favorite sooner or later, as this is the only color I like next to Darkside (maybe, maybe, Blackheart too, really, maybe!). I won’t complain again about the quality of the eyeshadows: crumbly again, the quality on the eye = very good.

Naked 3 IIII

Once more, total rubbish on the back of the palette! They need a proper translator ASAP. But as I said, for €5,00 each, I wouldn’t complain if it wasn’t for the sake of this review.

I hope you enjoyed this short review of the knock off of the Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I still have Naked Flushed to review for you (I have had this one for a very long time now). If you are curious to see the review on the Naked Flushed by Urban Decay, stay tuned until next Monday.

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked 2

Naked 2 I

Hi gorgeous! Here I am again, with another review of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette! First of all I have a favorite eyeshadow in this palette, the color: Verve. I love, love, love this eyeshadow so much! Secondly, as the knock off of the Naked 1 palette, the shadows are a bit crumbly, very shimmery (If you like a lot of shimmer you will be okay with that), but the shadows are good in quality once applied to my eyelids.

Naked 2 IIII

Apart from the eyeshadows, who are great in quality, but crumbly, the packaging is something I cannot live with. First of all: everything is pure plastic and looks cheap, second of all the ‘mirror’, well the mirror is not a mirror, you cannot see through the supposed-to-be-a-mirror thing, this is disgusting! The brush is good at applying, though, but still plasticky and cheap in quality.

Naked 2 IINaked 2 III

Although, I have a favorite eyeshadow color, called: Verve, the rest of the colors aren’t really exciting. This shouldn’t be a big difference with the real Naked 2 palette. These are personally not colors I would wear and I figured out, once I apply Verve, I grab another palette to finish up the look. Basically, if Urban Decay would sell Verve apart from the palette, I would definitely buy the eyeshadow, but I wouldn’t buy the real Naked 2 palette.

Naked 2 V

This time I don’t see any big mistakes made on the back of the palette.

I hope you enjoyed my review on this palette. I still have Naked 3 and Naked Flushed to review and you will be able to see these reviews very soon, on my blog. Comment down below what your thoughts are on the knock offs and the real ones.

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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KonMari Method Part III – Decluttering Beauty Products

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o //

Hi, guys! Welcome to my KonMari Method video, part III! Today I am going to clean all the beauty stuff I have! Hope you enjoy the video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel!

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.




Knock Off: Urban Decay – Naked


Naked 1 - Front

Hi, lovelies! Not so long ago I have been shopping like crazy! One of the things I have discovered were the Naked palettes on Obviously, I know they aren’t real, but I was curious to know how well they were made.

First of all, I bought the 3 Naked palettes for about €15,00. Aliexpress is one of my favorite online shops and I was curious to discover how the Naked palettes were, as I have never had any real Naked palette. As you can see on the picture, the form of the palette looks exactly like the real deal, although I have heard the knock offs are a little lighter in color than the original one.

Naked 1 - First 6Naked 1 - Part II


The shades look exactly (or almost, barely visible with the naked eye ;)) like the original; the only difference I see is that these are very crumbly, and when you swatch them, the intensity is not very good. But, once you apply it on your eyelids (with an eye shadow base) it looks beautiful. The packaging looks terrible to me, the chances are high that the shadows will come off anytime soon; the letters are fading too.

The last thing that differs from the original Naked palette is the back. If you look and read closely, you will see that what is written, is pure b*llshit. Words are missing, letters are forgotten, and it says that with this palette you get an eye pencil while I got an eyeshadow brush.

Naked I - Back

Conclusion, if you aren’t planning on having the real deal because let’s face it, it is expensive, then, go ahead and buy this palette. The eyeshadows itself are great, the packaging is not. But on the other hand, €5,00 for a palette is inexpensive and worth the try. I still want the real deal, though,  now that I have tried a knock off.

Are you curious to see what else I got? Stay tuned for my next shoplog and if you are interested in knowing if the Naked 2, Naked 3 and Naked Flushed are as bad or good as the Naked 1 palette? Stay tuned, and I will gladly make an article for each palette.

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.

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KonMari Method Part II – Decluttering the Boxes on my Shelving Unit

// A b o u t T h e V i d e o // Hi, guys! Welcome to my video! Today I am showing you how I clean, declutter and organize the boxes on my shelving unit the KonMari way! This shelving unit is from Ikea and is called Kallax. If you do not know what KonMari is, basically, it is a method invented my a Japanese woman called Marie Kondo, who wrote The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, the method consist of throwing out everything you do not need any more, everything you do not feel happy about, etc. Hope you enjoy the video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Until Next Time, Love | Sarah K. [youtube=]

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