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About Me


Welcome to my blog! I’m Sarah and I like to call myself a Food Traveler as I’m the living version of Yelp and TripAdvisor. I like to travel and eat, but of course, absorb new cultures and languages through my meals and travels. Traveling, eating and cooking, are my way to enjoy and learn about multiculturalism. My way to appreciate other cultures and learn about the big world we live in.

That’s why I started this blog, to be an accessory for my YouTube channel. I vlog when abroad, like to try the best, affordable and typical food and share it with the world. I’m also a Tel Avivit, New Yorker and Marseillaise by heart but I’m a Antwerpian French with Kabyle roots by birth.

I’m a soon Communications graduate with a true passion for anything media. I work as a reporter for ATV (Antwerp regional TV) and the city of Antwerp. My dream is to become a food, travel and culture reporter, this way I would be able to work and develop my passion at the same time.

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