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Food Diary: Finals Edition May/June 2015

Bonjour my lovelies! I promised you to film something during my finals. It did not become a vlog as I am very new at this and it would have become a boring vlog. I decided to cut out everything I have been eating on camera and to throw this into a Food Diary! I know I have been writing about how important it is to eat and drink healthy, and it did not happen to me. When you are motivated, everything seems so easy, but once you are at it, it is hard.

The emotional stress I have been dealing with made me eat junk. I am aware I was weak at this point and me showing the world how I eat, made me realize I should not do it again! There is nothing wrong with having cheat meals and snacks but in my case it was a total disaster! I hope next Food Diary will be a healthy one, meanwhile, enjoy this one. L’Cha├»m!

Until Next Time,

Love | Sarah K.


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